Thursday, September 18, 2014

Week 3 Weigh in

Man, is this slow going...and discouraging.  I know I have had goodies every once in a while and the occasional adult beverage....but I have also been sweating my but off each day and realistically I am not going to give up the occasional goodie and the even more often cocktail or wine.  So I guess slow and steady is the way to least the number went down this week instead of up.  I am hanging tough....Zumba today.

Sleep: 7 hrs

  • Time: 9:00
  • Intake: Pineapple Chobani Greek Yogurt with 1/4 c. Bear Naked Granola
  • Time: 11:30
  • Intake: kashi chewy granola bar, water
  • Time: 1:00
  • Intake: Small Botana-Probably about 1200 calories but they were 1200 delicious calories and I didn't have a margarita so that should count for something!
  • Time
  • Intake: No afternoon snack, trying to make up for the Botana
  • Time: 7:30
  • Intake: PBJ on Multi Grain Bread, water
  • Time
  • Intake: I skipped my evening snack too to make up for the Botana
  • Type: Zumba toning
  • Duration/Distance: 1 hr.


  1. I decided a long time ago that losing weight is too hard....harder than quitting smoking. So I just got happy with where I am now and quit trying. But good for you

  2. You can do it!!! I found that when I had my 10 lbs to lose, I'd work work work and see nothing, and then suddenly I'd lose 4 lbs. Then I'd plateau for 6 weeks again and lose. I think there's a lot of converting fat into muscle that we don't see on the scale. I always *try* to remember to think about how things are fitting vs. what the scale says (but it's hard!)

    1. It is and I know you are right Amy. I am trying hard not to get discouraged.

  3. Once again I will only say "Be gentle on yourself." I love you and find you perfect just the way you are.