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I am currently the writer/owner of the blog, A Day in the Life on the Farm.  I hope you stop by there and check out the about page so you can learn more about me and what has preceded this journey on which I am about to begin,

I am retired, most recently, I am retired from being a full time caretaker for my Mom who suffers with Alzheimer's Disease.  In June, we placed Mom in a Memory Care Center where she is doing very well.  I write about Mom and our Alzheimer journey quite often in my other blog and I link up with other care givers who also share their stories.  Please take a look if you are interested in that aspect of my life.

My other blog contains nearly my entire life...my farming, my cooking, my travels, my family, my reading, my quilting, my entertaining, my decorating, my house .....my life.

But this blog will be different...this blog will be solely about me and my journey back to health and fitness.

I am 56 years old as of last Saturday, August 23, and I am in the worst shape of my life.  This blog, however isn't about the shape I am in now...it is about the shape I am striving to attain.

The year that I turned 50 I had decided that I would run a 5k.  My daughter and I did the couch to 5K program and on the 4th of July, a month before I would be 50, I ran a 5K.  I then went on to run a 5K each month for a full year.....and then I stopped.  I could give you a thousand excuses for quitting but the truth is I don't know why I quit.  I was in the best shape that I had been in years.  I looked good. I felt good.  I was healthy.  I was happy.  But, for whatever reason, stop I did....then over the next few years I would exercise sporadically and try to eat healthfully more often than not but I did not have the stamina or the perseverance to stick with it.

I am hoping that this blog gives me the nudge I need to persevere.  I hope this is the accountability I need.  I pray that with God's support, the support of my family and friends and the support of my blogging community I can, once again, reach the point where I feel good and healthy and energetic.

Fifty six is too young to feel so old...please join me on this journey.

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