Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Day Trip

Today we are flying to Mackinac Island, a lovely step back in time.  There are no cars on the Island. You either walk, bike, ride a horse or take a horse drawn carriage.  The downtown area is very touristy with one shop after another.  Not all of them are tourist traps, there are some lovely stores selling very unique items but the majority are, of course, tourist traps.  And fudge shops....for some reason people travel all that way and across the water by ferry to buy fudge.  They stand in line for it.

The island is also very historical and you can take tours and learn about our history during the Wars of 1812 and 1814.  Today the part of the Island that I am interested in is the natural part of the Island.  It is surrounded by Lake Huron, The Straits of Mackinac and Lake Michigan.  It has beautiful landscape and rock outcrops that you can climb. It has pristine forests with wonderful hiking trails that are seldom used and on which you can imagine yourself traveling by foot during the 1800's. This is where you will find me today, hiking those trails.

Sleep: 8 hrs.

  • Time: 8:45
  • Intake: ww toast with peanut butter, 1c milk
  • Time: 12:15
  • Intake: Apple, water
  • Time: 1:30
  • Intake: lobster blt, sweet potato fries, ice tea 
  • Time: 5:30
  • Intake: peanut butter crackers, water
  • Time: 8:00
  • Intake: 1/2 large cheese quesadilla with salsa, 1 oatmeal cookie, 1 c. milk
  • Time: 8:30
  • Intake: 1 glass cabernet
  • Type: hiking 
  • Distance/Duration: 4.3 miles/80 minutes 

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