Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sloppy Saturday

Well, it is a rainy, gray, miserable morning but I still need to go outside and get the pig pen finished up before noon when we go to get the piglets and I need to clean both the chicken and turkey coops out also.  I am going to try to get on the treadmill after my farmwork is done and before we have to leave to go to the Rib Fest today.  If I don't I will use today as my off day instead of tomorrow.  We will see how it goes.

Sleep: 8 hrs.

  • Time 
  • Intake-Went directly outside as soon as I got up and started getting the coops cleaned so I missed breakfast and morning snack.  I didn't get in from outside until lunch time.
  • Time
  • Intake
  • Time: 11:15
  • Intake: English Muffin with Peanut Butter, 1 banana, 1 glass water
  • Time: 1:00
  • Intake: Half of a Fanny Brice Sandwich
  • Time: 5:00
  • Intake: 3 vodka tonics, 4 wings, handful of chips, 2 ribs, tomatoes, coleslaw, cheesecake with strawberries 
  • Time
  • Intake: no snack after a dinner like that!
  • Type
  • Duration/Distance

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