Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Back on Track Tuesday

Did you miss me.  I had a couple of poor weeks....here are my excuses....I had company, I did a lot of entertaining...I hurt myself taking roller skating lessons.

The only really valid excuse is the hurting myself but that does not excuse not eating properly.  I really did hurt myself though.  That roller skating idea was the stupidest thing I've come up with in a long time.  I got back on track and went to Zumba today and there were still things I could not do without having pain.  So I did what I could and I will continue to get back on track this week.

Sleep: Not much because my Bella girl went missing so every few minutes one or the other of us was getting up to go call her.  Praise God she was returned to us this morning safe and sound.


  • Time: 9:30 While driving to the gym because this deal with Bella had me busy until then
  • Intake: Kashi Crunchy Granola bar, water
  • Time: 8:30
  • Intake: 1 glass Cabernet
  • Type: Zumba
  • Duration/Distance: 1 hour.

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