Saturday, August 6, 2016

In the final stretch.....

Wow, that was a quick 3 weeks.  1 more to go for this cycle.  I only lost 1 lb this week but I'm not complaining.  I also went off program a couple of times so my body is probably confused.  I am going to finish out this week and then take a little break while vacationing.  When I return from vacation I am starting the eating plan again for another 28 days.

I intend to continue applying the lessons that I learned while on vacation but without being quite as stringent.  My hope is that my weight stays the same while vacationing and then I can concentrate on losing again when I get home.

But that is still a week away so I don't know why I am boring you with my random thoughts LOL. Instead let me show you what I had for breakfast yesterday.

I am calling this my Phase 3 Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich.  I LOVE Phase 3.  When Phases 1 and 2 are getting tiresome, you take comfort in knowing that soon you will enjoy 3 whole days of Phase 3.  

In phase 3 you are allowed healthy fats, protein, grains, vegetables and fruit.  After concentrating on carbs in the way of fruit and grains in Phase 1 and protein in the way of meat and veggies in Phase 2, it feels like heaven to be able to fill your plate with everything.

This sandwich was a great way to start the day and the weekend.  Speaking of weekends, I hope you enjoy yours.  Get out and do something fun for deserve it!

Phase 3 Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich

1 slice sprouted grain bread (I used Ezekiel)
1 hard boiled egg, sliced
1/2 an avocado, sliced
1/4 c. salsa (I used Garden Gourmet)

Toast the bread and lay on a plate.  Layer the avocado and egg on the toast and top with salsa. Print Recipe


  1. What a yummy looking sandwich. I can't eat avacado! What could I substitute? I know it is the healthy fat that you need! I am so proud of you Wendy!!

    1. You could add olives and raw pumpkin seeds to stick with the Mexican theme. Thanks for the pat on the back Paula. I am looking forward to the 2 week break. Not so much because I want to eat differently but more because I don't want to constantly be thinking about it.

    2. That is part of what I don't like about these eating plans. It seems that all I do is think about food! And isn't that part of what we are trying to get away from. I like the idea of adding olives and pumpkin seeds to this sandwich!!

    3. Yes, that does seem to be the case but I try to tell myself that "mindful" eating is what I's the unthinking "grab a cookie" or "have another slice of pizza" that got me in this predicament. That being said...I am looking forward to relaxing all this meal planning just a bit.