Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Final Day of Phase1 for this session

My friend, Paula of Smidgens, Snippets and Bits, and I were talking about how difficult it is to spend so much time thinking about food.  What should I eat?  What time should I eat?  Is that allowed during this phase?  It can sometimes be a pain in the neck.  But then I considered where not being "mindful" about my food had gotten me.  How many times had I not eaten anything for hours after I had gotten up only to grab a handful of cookies at 10 am with my 4th or 5th cup of coffee?  How many pieces of pizza did I eat, not to nourish myself but mindlessly because it was sitting there in front of me?  How many times did I overlook that piece of fruit in the refrigerator while grabbing a piece of cake?

My hope is, that by eating "mindfully",  I get into the habit of eating breakfast upon awakening.  That my body automatically gets hungry every few hours and reminds me to eat.  That I automatically stock up on fruit, veggies, nuts, salsa and hummus instead of chip dip, string cheese, cookies and cakes so that when I open the refrigerator or pantry when hunger strikes these are what I grab.  That by feeding my body and caring for my body, I won't be tempted to graze mindlessly on whatever is within reach.

We will see how I do.  I am leaving after this week for a 2 week vacation in which I am going to relax my vigilance.  I am going to make sure that I have a cooler chock full of all the snacks that I wish to consume so that when I get hungry I reach for those instead of the candy bar at the gas station.  It will be a test of sorts for when I reach my goal weight and am no longer doing the 28 day rotations.

In the meanwhile, I am certainly not suffering.  I have been eating and eating well. Ok...this morning I had salsa and rice crackers for breakfast.  It was quick.  It was easy.  It was satisfying.  And it met all my requirements for breakfast today since it was mango salsa.  Yay.  But there have been tons of great meals that I have made and enjoyed.

Yesterday's lunch was an open faced BLT made with Turkey Bacon.  Who knew Turkey Bacon was so good?  Certainly not I.  I had made Frank's with regular bacon and, after tasting mine, wasn't even the least bit tempted by his.

Tonight we are meeting Amy and Doug for dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Amy, who is a constant encouragement to me as she very successfully maintains this way of eating, chose the Roadhouse because there are so many choices on the menu that work.  I am planning on having a tenderloin filet, sweet potatoes and veggies.  More than the food, I am looking forward to spending time with Amy and Doug.

Have a Terrific Tuesday everyone.


  1. That sandwich looks amazing. Turkey bacon? Never tried it! And yes, to me, thinking about food all the time just makes me want to eat like a pig. All the time. But if you have only healthy stuff to eat, I am sure that will help make you successful!! I love baked sweet potatoes!

    1. I do too Paula and the best thing is that they are allowed nearly every day on this plan if you so chose.