Thursday, August 11, 2016

Back to Breakfast on Phase 2

Today I am going to share with you what I had for breakfast this morning.  Phase 2 is the hardest phase for me to have breakfast because you must eat protein and veggies.  No grains, fruit or fats allowed.  Often times on Wednesday and Thursday, I just grab some lunch meat and a cucumber for breakfast but today I made a vegetable and egg white scramble.

You are not allowed any fat on Phase 2 so it is hard to make an omelot because of the eggs sticking to the pan.  So I am just calling this a scramble.  I cooked the onion, peppers and collard greens in a little bit of water to make them tender.  When the water evaporated I added 3 egg whites and let it cook until nearly set, then flipped it over (in pieces) to cook the top.  The whole process took only a few minutes and it was a very satisfying breakfast.


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    1. It was and I am down another pound this morning!! That makes it an even dozen since I started