Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I stumbled but I didn't fall.....

You know how I was telling you about how easy this eating plan is?  How it is easily adaptable to eating out and eating over friend's houses?  Well....yesterday proved me wrong.  

We were down in the city. We had dropped off our granddaughter and were on the way to see a friend when we decided to stop for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, J Baldwin's,  when we lived in the area.  Well folks, it is a very nice restaurant.  The service, as always, was impeccable.  The food, as always, was sublime. 

I started off well, ordering nothing more than water to drink.  Then I opened the menu.  Yesterday was Phase 1.  I was required to eat a protein, veggie and grain. I ordered scallops which aren't on the list for Phase 1.  I didn 't realize that until afterwards.  I also had sauteed spinach and mushrooms which are allowed but I am sure they were cooked in butter, which is not, and they contained bits of prosciutto, also not allowed.  Delicious but not on the list.  There were no grains on the menu that were on the list so I ordered steamed asparagus instead and did not have a grain with my dinner last night.  

Not a total fail but it was the first day of this diet that the scale wasn't a pound lower in the morning. 

It wasn't a pound higher either though so I am just going to enjoy the memory of those buttery, flavorful scallops and start anew today.  Phase 2 it will be a bit easier.  You can get meat and veggies anywhere.


  1. That is why most diets fail. It can be so hard to stay on them. But pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and continue!!

    1. Oh I am Paula and it was more the restaurant we stopped at than anything else. Today we had lunch out with no problem at all.