Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Smooth(ie) Transition

Yesterday found me back in the saddle again with my eating plan.  I am excited because I know that this eating plan works but I'm even more thrilled that it does exactly what author, Haylie Pomroy, promises.  I spent 3 weeks off of the plan.  I vacationed, eating out nearly every meal, drinking alcohol and eating desserts.  When I came home I attended parties, hosted dinners and went to weddings.  When I weighed myself yesterday morning.  My weight was exactly the same as when I stopped the eating plan.  That, my friends, is better than losing weight in my book!!

Now, I did not completely go off the eating plan for 3 weeks.  There are some habits I kept.  I still ate breakfast within a half hour of awakening.  I continurd to have a snack every few hours and I didn't drink coffee.  I had intended to drink coffee.  In fact, the very first day that I was off diet and we left for our road trip we stopped at Panera for breakfast and I ordered a large coffee.  I couldn't wait.  I took a sip....it was bitter.  I asked Frank if his coffee was bitter and he said his was fine.  Both cups came from the same pot.  I took another sip and still thought it was yucky....Frank finished my coffee and I haven't had the desire for another sip since.

I started my morning off with these lovely Buckwheat Pancakes, smothered in Fresh Peach Puree and topped with Slices of Peach.  This recipe will be available at A Day in the Life on the Farm tomorrow morning.

I grabbed a clementine for a snack and then headed out the door with Frank for a 2 mile walk before stopping in to visit at our friend's, the Bendas, to say goodbye to their son and his family who were heading back to Virginia.  We then went out for lunch.  I had a salad topped with chicken.  We ran some errands and when we got home I used the leftover peach puree from breakfast and some blueberries to make a smoothie for my afternoon snack.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet.  We were tired from attending a wedding Sunday where we may have had just a drink or two more than was optimal LOL....

Dinner was this juicy, mouthwatering Phase 1 Burger that is perfect for feeding the whole family and any guests you may have over.  I ate mine sans bun to stay within the eating plan but Frank had his on a bun.  It was just the two of us so we will be enjoying these for lunch today as the recipe made 4 burgers.

Have a Terrific Tuesday.  Talk to you soon.


  1. That burger looks delish! And so does the smoothie. I think I'll go make me a peach smoothie right now!!

    1. I hope you enjoyed your smoothie Paula.