Saturday, August 30, 2014

Boot Camp Reprieve

I went to the chiropractor yesterday so I am moving much better today.  I am picking up Kim and we are going to the 9 am Boot Camp class.  There is an 11 am Zumba class but we both have busy days in front of us so we decided Boot Camp it is.  Wish me luck.

Sleep: 7 hrs.  I stayed up past midnight finishing my book.  You can read my review over here on ADITL on the Farm.


  • Time: 8:15
  • Intake: Carnation Instant Breakfast
  • Time: 10:30 
  • Intake: 1/2 Kashi Bar shared with Kim after gym, 4 glasses water
  • Time: 2:15
  • Intake: 15 cinnamon roasted almonds
  • Time: 6:00
  • Intake: 2 glasses Chardonnay, crock of French Onion Soup au gratin, Salad of Seared Tuna, tomatoes and grilled avocado,1 glass water.
  • Time 
  • Intake-No after dinner snack due to the large dinner.
Exercise-When we got to the gym there were no classes due to the holiday weekend so I hit the treadmill which was probably better for my back anyway.
  • Type: Walking on Treadmill/3 MPH with varying inclines 1-4.
  • Duration/Distance: 1 hr.


  1. How I would have loved to have had a crock of French Onion Soup with you!

    1. One of these days we are going to meet face to face, share a meal, a hug and a laugh. Can't wait.