Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Baby Steps

Day 2 and we are still sticking to small walks around the yard a couple of times a day.  By Friday, Frank will be off all restrictions and then we can advance.  Today it was advantageous that we were still in the yard because while walking, I heard my chickens and turkeys, getting upset.  When I rounded the house to see what was causing them distress there was a hawk after them.  They are all locked away again safe and sound but we are going to have to be very careful when we let them free range the yard now that the hawk has got his eye on them.

This is what we awoke to this morning.  I thought that our pups were all over this nonsense but I guess not.  

We have asked Tingting to not bring our Little Miss until Friday.  There is no way she would understand that her Grampy can't pick her up.  The first thing she does when she see's Grampy is raise her arms to him and I know Frank well enough to know that he WOULD pick her up.

Raisin Bran for breakfast and trying to figure out how to make a healthy meal using the ham left from the party.

See you all tomorrow.


  1. Sorry to hear that Frank has been unwell. Summer and Fall are the best healing times, as opposed to winter, so there is that....

    Take care you all! The baby is adorable!