Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Beautiful Sunday Stroll

This morning, after Mass, we stayed in town and took a walk around town.  We went to a new museum that houses a Titanic Exhibit along with many other great displays.

This building was once the local theater.  The owner of the museum has renovated the outside and has several display rooms inside including a to scale model of the titanic that took 6 master builders 7 years to create.  It is amazing.  They are putting some of the original seating into the theater and are planning on having a screen on which they can show old movies from the 1920's era and they are in the process of restoring the original box office counter from that time as well. 

We then continued our walk to one of our favorite local restaurants, The Marine City Fish Company, where we enjoyed an appetizer of  Fish Company Spread and a bowl of Company Chowder.  

After lunch we continued our stroll and found a new business called the Blue Pike Cantina, that opened it's doors a few weeks ago.  The Blue Pike Cantina is a smoke house and a winery.  We tasted a few different reds that they offer and settled on a Carmenere made in house with Chilean grapes.  I will be talking more about this when we open the bottle and I do a food and wine pairing.

We continued our walk, checking out some more buildings that are being renovated in town and new businesses moving in.  We walked through parks and watched the freighters pass by.  We stopped in a couple of the shops but didn't buy anything else.  It was a gorgeous day out and a perfect way to spend it, walking hand in hand with the one I love.....I think I will go write a song now with those lyrics LOL.

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