Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Have you missed me?

It has been quite a busy couple of weeks here.  You acquire a lot of "stuff" when you live in a 4000 square foot home.  Trying to decide what you are going to keep for a house half that size can be very stressful and takes a lot of time and energy.  Moving all that stuff is overwhelming and setting up a new household, while fun and exciting, is also overwhelming.

For a full week we ate nothing but sandwiches, carry out, fast food and restaurant food.  Not at all Fast Metabolism Friendly.  The good news is that I was getting tons of exercise.  One day I actually got 35.000 one day!!  Most days, I was averaging around 20,000.  So even though my eating was worse than ever, my weight remained stable.

Things are finally slowing down a bit and the house is coming together.  The kitchen is put together, at least until they come to put in the new flooring, and ready to be used.  I actually started cooking again on October 13th when I made a Venison Gumbo Goulash that would have been FMD friendly had I used brown rice pasta and not sprinkled it with Parmesan.  

I had my first dinner party to celebrate our daughter's birthday this past Sunday and then had our other daughter and son in law over for dinner on Monday since they couldn't attend the birthday dinner.  I will be sharing recipes with you very soon.  

I have targeted this Monday to start anew with the FMD eating plan.  This will get me to Thanksgiving week so I can feast on Thanksgiving without any guilt involved.  I hope you will join me during this next journey.  I look forward to spending time with you.


  1. Good for you The secret is to keep getting back on that horse!

    1. I keep getting back on, climbing off, getting on, climbing off...that horse must be getting ticked off.